Natalia Astraea is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her work focuses on how Nature and Man can co-exist, through the higher energy vibrations. Materials of use: anything that can deliver the message to the recipient about that which is intangible and exists in NATURE and the UNIVERSE.


2009-2012, University of Brighton, UK

Solo shows

2022, Fortune teller solo show, Underathens Association, Athens, GR

Selected group shows

2011, Grammar, Nonsense and Imagination, Brighton University Gallery, Brighton UK

2021, Philosophy of the act, The Holy Art, London UK

2021-2022, New artists exhibition, Agrilides art gallery, Athens, GR

2022, Poetics of space, Braggart gallery, GR

2022, The Root, Amphicar Studio, GR

2022, Memory warehouses, Braggart gallery, GR

2022, Community Tools, Back to Athens, GR


Sigma magazine, 2022, online publication